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Assortiment steriele verpakkingen

Our extensive assortment of sterile packaging consists of glass, stoppers, caps and reconstitution articles, below an overview:

Westar® RU injection stoppers, freeze-dry stoppers and flip-off caps

Westar® RU stoppers and flip-off caps are sterilized with steam. RU stands for Ready to Use. This offers you the opportunity to fill pharmaceutical packaging for medicines in a more efficient way. Westar® RU components are supplied in packaging that has been tested for integrity.

Westar® RU injection and freeze-dry stoppers are available in a 13mm and a 20mm version and are available in gray with rubber formulation 4432/50 and can be ordered in packing units of 1000 pieces.

The Westar® RU flip off caps are available in a 13mm and a 20mm variant in the color red and can also be ordered in packaging units of 1000 pieces.

Medimop reconstitution aids

All Medimop reconstitution aids are gamma or ETO sterilized and packed individually in a blister. ETO sterilization is a sterilization method using the gas ethylene oxide (ETO).

The following Medimop reconstitution aids are available from us:

Vial adapters

Vial adapters are a cost-effective solution for the safe and rapid transfer and reconstitution of drugs between vials and syringes. The vial adapters are designed for the optimal use of liquids and medicines. Residual volume and need for overfilling is greatly reduced. The vial adapters are available with in-line filters or in a ventilated option. The adapters are molded of medical grade polycarbonate and are compatible with Luer slip and Luer lock syringes.

Advantages of vial adapters:

  • Vial adapters reduce puncture accidents.   
  • Reduced risk of contamination and contact with sharp parts.   
  • Optional siliconized spike for optimized (low) puncture resistance.   
  • Available as ventilated vial adapter. This design stands for sterile incoming air and optimal aspiration regardless of the technique. The pressure equalization of the ventilated vial adapter makes it possible to quickly remove a large volume from the vial. This also reduces the risk of exposure to potentially toxic substances / medicines.   
  • Available as a swabable vial adapter. The silicone rubber valve with luer lock compatible connector maintains sterility, even with repeated connections.

Mix2Vial® reconstitution tool

The needleless system enables a simple, quick bottle-to-bottle transfer and simplifies mixing between two vials for the reconstitution of freeze-dried medicines in a home care or clinical setting. The reconstituted medicine is available for immediate use in the syringe for injection administrations. The system is also available with integrated filters.

Vial2Bag® reconstitution tool, with a luer lock on spike connection

The Vial2Bag® needleless reconstitution system allows the safe and easy preparation of medicines between a vial or syringe and infusion bag. The needleless Vial2Bag is connected to an infusion bag via the standard infusion port. The Vial2Bag can be used with infusion bags from almost all manufacturers.

MixJect® reconstitution tool

The MixJect® system makes it possible to prepare freeze-dried medicines in a safe, fast and easy way. Mixject is a tool for the reconstitution of a freeze-dried (powder) medicine with a pre-filled syringe. The Mixject comes standard with a needle. After reconstitution, the medicine is ready for injection.

EZ fill ™ syringes and vials

EZ fill ™ syringes and vials are made of clear tube glass and ETO sterilized. The bottles are available as standard in the sizes 2R, 4R, 6R, 8R, 10R and 20R in tray packaging with the top opening. These packages enable simple technical transfer of production.

Other advantages of using EZ fill ™ vials are that the process time for processing is speeded up, the validation costs are reduced and the production flexibility is increased. Every phase of the EZ-fill production process has been validated.